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Alliance Mondiale des Personnels de la Santé

About the Alliance

Health workers are the heart and soul of health systems. And yet, the world is faced with a chronic shortage - an estimated 4.2 million health workers are needed to bridge the gap, with 1.5 million needed in Africa alone. The critical shortage is recognized as one of the most fundamental constraints to achieving progress on health and reaching health and development goals.

The Global Health Workforce Alliance (The Alliance) was created in 2006 as a common platform for action to address the crisis. The Alliance is a partnership of national governments, civil society, international agencies, finance institutions, researchers, educators and professional associations dedicated to identifying, implementing and advocating for solutions.

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Un Groupe au service du développement

Institution financière, l’Agence Française de Développement (AFD) est au cœur du dispositif français de l’aide publique en faveur des pays pauvres. Sa mission : participer au financement du développement.

Grâce à la large gamme d’instruments financiers qu’elle a su développer et enrichir, l’AFD soutient les pouvoirs publics, le secteur privé et les réseaux associatifs locaux pour la mise en oeuvre de projets économiques et sociaux très divers. Elle intervient ainsi dans cinq continents et dans les collectivités d’Outre-mer.

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Intra health

Who We Are

Vision: We believe in a world where all people have an equal opportunity for health and well-being.

Mission: To mobilize local talent to create sustainable and accessible health care.

IntraHealth has served the public health needs of developing countries for almost 30 years. Founded as the Intrah program at the University of North Carolina, IntraHealth was incorporated as an independent non-profit business in 2003. We have worked in more than 50 countries, with the support of the U.S. Government, foundations, corporations and individuals.

IntraHealth is skilled at listening, analyzing and collaborating with leaders and communities to develop the most effective health care solution for a particular environment. Our unique strength lies in our combined expertise in three key areas of health care: improving policies and systems for a strong workforce, supporting providers to succeed and extending health services to communities.

Intra health website

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